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Building a Culture of Efficacy and Agency


Paul Bloomberg • Barb Pitchford

Foreword by Prof John Hattie and Prof Alan Daly

Teachers are a school's greatest resource. Leading Impact Teams taps into the team planning time every school already has scheduled and repurposes it in a model that provides the processes needed to build teacher expertise and increase student learning. 

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Learn how to promote teacher, student, and collective efficacy.

  • Build a culture of efficacy

  • Take collective action

  • Embed student-centered assessment in the classroom culture

  • Clarify learning goals and criteria for success

  • Leverage progressions of learning for "just right" instruction

  • Utilize evidence-based feedback

  • Maximize peer and self-assessment in classroom practice

Leading Impact Teams 

Praise for Leading Impact Teams

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– John Hattie ...

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The Authors


Dr. Paul Bloomberg

Dr. Paul Bloomberg is the Founder and CEO of the Core Collaborative Learning Network. He co-wrote the bestseller Leading Impact Teams with his bestie Barb Pitchford.

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Barb Pitchford

Barb Pitchford is a Co-Founder of The Core Collaborative and serves as an Author Consultant. She co-wrote the bestseller Leading Impact Teams with her bestie Paul Bloomberg.

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How do we take the theory of learner agency that is alive and growing in a school system and make it a reality?

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