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Building a Culture
of Efficacy and Agency


Paul Bloomberg • Barb Pitchford

Forewords by John Hattie and Alan J. Daly

Learn how to promote teacher, student, and collective efficacy.

Leading Impact Teams offers a dynamic framework for instilling a culture where collective efforts drive remarkable outcomes. Readers will explore the pivotal role that efficacy—a belief in one's ability to produce desired results—plays in propelling teams toward continuous improvement by advancing learner agency system-wide.

Praise for Leading Impact Teams

"Leading Impact Teams: Building a Culture of Efficacy and Agency combines some of the best innovations from the last decade to ensure a focus on changing the learning lives of students. Like all good cake recipes, it is not just the ingredients but also the way they are combined that matters most--and the tender, loving care illustrated throughout these chapters as to the combination is the key to this book’s success: building a culture of efficacy in leaders, teachers and students based on developing Impact Teams."

– Professor John Hattie,
Director, Melbourne Educational Research Institute, Australia

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The Authors

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Dr. Paul Bloomberg

Dr. Paul Bloomberg is the Founder and CEO of the Core Collaborative Learning Network. He co-wrote the bestseller Leading Impact Teams with his bestie Barb Pitchford.

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Barb Pitchford

Barb Pitchford is a Co-Founder of The Core Collaborative and serves as an Author Consultant. She co-wrote the bestseller Leading Impact Teams with her bestie Paul Bloomberg.

The emphasis on nurturing empathy, critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability prepares students for the complex challenges of the ever-changing modern world.

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Key Highlights of the Book

Strengthen Collaborative Leadership:
Through real-world examples and practical advice, Bloomberg and Pitchford present leadership techniques that enable leaders to inspire, motivate, and guide teams towards achieving their full potential.

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