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By Kara Vandas, Jeanette Westfall,

and Ashley Duvall

Written by practitioners who have experienced the triumphs and struggles first-hand, the book offers a framework for moving from building knowledge to making meaning and then applying understanding of practices and systems that support agency.  As a result, readers are able to determine a starting point and use the book as a guide to their own unique journey through the highlighted enabling conditions and evergreen practices that are essential to success. It is the hope of the authors that it propels all readers to take flight.

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How many classroom teachers today could say that their students exhibit agency on a regular basis? Our goal is to begin to turn our wishes into action and build systems that will support students in practicing, exploring, and growing in their own agency.

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Meet The Authors




Kara Vandas is an educator with an enduring passion for empowering learners. She began her career in education at an alternative school for youth at-risk. Kara spent several more years in the classroom in public education as a middle and high school educator and then transitioned to coaching and professional learning positions that allowed her to support teachers and leaders K-12. Her current role as an author and consultant takes her around the world to partner with schools and school districts.

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Dr. Jeanette Westfall

Dr. Jeanette Westfall, Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Design at Liberty Public Schools (MO) worked as an elementary teacher, high school Language Arts/Gifted&Talented teacher, Secondary Schools Instructional Coach, and High School Principal.

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Ashley Duvall is a passionate educator with a focused expertise on working with teachers on learner agency, learning processes, learning progressions, personalization and competency based learning. She began her twenty plus year career with Liberty Public Schools as a second grade teacher and has since taught first, third and fifth grade. Currently she serves as an Elementary Innovation and Learning Coach for the Liberty Public Schools.

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The Empowered Learner - Learners and educators who uplift, provide trajectory for learning, and create momentum for change.

– Learner Agency: A Field Guide for Taking Flight

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