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Making Rigorous PBL Doable

Michael McDowell, EdD, and Kelley S. Miller

Supporting teachers in making small shifts in practice to get the same outcomes seen in traditional problem and project-based learning.

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The Project Habit

Making Rigorous PBL Doable​

Authors: Michael McDowell, EdD, and Kelley S. Miller


This book is about making small shifts in practice that promote innovation, ignite efficacy, and enhance student agency for all students in their learning.


Everyone should feel invited into the world of inquiry and innovation. Small changes in our practice allow that invitation to become a reality in everyday classrooms while celebrating the great work teachers are already doing in their classrooms.

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From the Authors

“This book supports teachers in making small shifts in practice to get the same outcomes we see in traditional problem and project-based learning.”

– Michael McDowell, co-author of The Project Habit



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Michael McDowell, EdD

Michael McDowell, EdD has been a public school educator for the past eighteen years serving in the roles of the classroom teacher, academic and athletic coach, school principal, assistant superintendent of personnel and instruction, and superintendent. During his tenure as a superintendent, his school district received state and national accolades including the National Blue Ribbon Award which recognized their work for student performance and mental health and well-being amid the COVID-19 pandemic by the U.S. Department of Education.

Dr. McDowell serves on numerous boards, served as a college professor, and worked for non-profit organizations to enhance student learning around the world. Dr. McDowell has authored bestselling books and created professional learning programs and workbooks including Rigorous PBL by Design, The Lead Learner, Developing Expert Learners, Teaching for Transfer, The Busy Teacher and soon to be released, The Project Habit. As the foundational author and co-founder of Hinge Education, Michael provides keynotes, workshops, and practical tools and resources for thousands of teachers and leaders on almost every continent worldwide. Dr. McDowell is recognized as one of the leading authorities on integrating innovative and impactful practices into schools. Offering professional learning for all stakeholders across educational systems and executive coaching to heads of schools worldwide, he partners with educational leaders to implement high leverage strategies that will enhance teaching and learning in classrooms, schools, and systems.

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Kelley S. Miller

Kelley S. Miller is a teacher, coach, and author.  Her educational experience includes teaching language arts, multilingual learners, instructional coaching, and district leadership.  She supports teachers and school systems to build their collective efficacy and examine impacts on student learning.  Kelley leads professional development for Rigorous Project Based Learning and high-impact instructional strategies across the U.S. and abroad.  She lives with her family in Napa, California.

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