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Making Rigorous PBL Doable

Michael McDowell, EdD and Kelley S. Miller

Online Appendix

Resources for the fifteen project habits outlined in Michael and Kelley's book (organized by chapter below) will help you make Rigorous PBL doable. Click on a resource, and it will open in a new tab in your browser. 


Resources consist of PDFs, Microsoft Word templates, and

YouTube videos.

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Ch. 1


Ch. 2


Ch. 4

Ch. 6


Ch. 7

Additional Resources

The Authors

TPH Ch 1
TPH Ch 2
TPH Ch 3
TPH Ch 4
TPH Ch 5
TPH Ch 6
TPH Ch 7
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McDowell and Miller
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McDowell, EdD

Michael McDowell, EdD has been a public school educator for the past eighteen years serving in the roles of classroom teacher, academic and athletic coach, school principal, assistant superintendent of personnel and instruction, and superintendent. [MORE…]

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Kelley S.

Kelley S. Miller began her career as a middle school Language Arts teacher. She was an early adopter of project-based learning, and has designed and implemented project based learning for the language arts classroom derived from novels, textbooks, and current events. [MORE…]

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