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Episode #3: John Krownapple Suggests Honoring Dignity to Promote Belonging (Part 1)

In this episode of A & I, author John Krownapple shares how he got into the important work of equity initiatives in education and why it is such important work. We go down the rabbit hole a bit about the various microcosms that exists that mimic the challenges of systemic issues.

John's books about equity give us tools and a language to discuss the necessary changes that need to happen in education in terms of equity.

Short summaries of John's books (one co-authored with Dr. Floyd Cobb):

To learn more about the work John Krownapple does with The Core Collaborative, click here

To download Chapter 1 of Belonging Through a Culture of Dignity, click here.

Short bio of John Krownapple:

John Krownapple specializes in professional and organizational learning and development in the areas of equity, inclusion, and belonging. He is an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University where his coursework focuses on organizational and pedagogical responses to the issues that emerge from diversity, and he has served as the coordinator of diversity, equity, and inclusion in a school district of almost 60,000 students, the Howard County Public School System in Maryland.  John is also the author of Belonging Through a Culture of Dignity: The Keys to Successful Equity Implementation (Mimi & Todd Press, 2019) and Guiding Teams to Excellence with Equity: Culturally Proficient Facilitation (Corwin, 2017).


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